What Are Water Softeners & When Should You Use Them?

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Before you get a Water Softener, you must have some basic knowledge about this system. One of the common ones includes how the softener works and what does it actually do? Much more!

Water Softeners are used for softening the hard water and converting them into soft water. This calls for the definition of hard and soft water.

Hard water is just normal water with high amount of minerals in it, vice versa for the soft water. Calcium and magnesium are the hardness causing minerals present in the water. So, with the reduction of these two minerals, you can get the benefit of soft water!

What Are Water Softeners & When Should You Use Them?

The tap water contains a lot of minerals, but when the proportion of the calcium and magnesium increases – the water starts turning into the hard water.

What Are Water Softeners

Hard water is mainly responsible for the clogging of the pipes. Even your skin will feel a strange dryness, these all are the ill effects of hard water. To solve this issue, you need to have a water softener system.

Water Softeners

The technique used for converting hard water into soft is termed as softening. This process is performed by a water softener. It mainly replaces the calcium and magnesium with sodium ions. Because of this very reason, the resulting water is saline. Those who are on a low-sodium diet have to check on the intake and then continue with the installation.

Water Softener is a piece of equipment which does the task of softening the water. There many such FAQs for Water Softener which is easy to solve. For installation, you can either get it installed for an individual faucet or even install it for an entire house.

Using a water softener has never been a compulsion, but one must know the right time to install it.

Do I need a Water Softener? When should I start using them?

Softeners mainly replace the calcium and magnesium ions with the sodium or potassium. Those who are having issues with salt intake can opt for the softener which adds potassium ions instead of the sodium.

There are various signs which can let you know about the hardness in the water. They are given below:

  • Check if your skin is getting dry or itchy, hard water causes a similar reaction on the skin.
  • Soap or the detergent won’t create the right amount of foam. The soap water solution will be slippery on your skin.
  • Clothes start fading, and you will find all the color shades just falling off. This is the sure sign that the water is getting hard. For reducing this effect, you can make use of a liquid detergent along with some vinegar in the same fabric conditioner compartment.
  • Next obvious hint is the presence of white or any other mineral residue on the plumbing surface.
  • The same kind of residue and scale buildup will be seen on various other electrical appliances.
  • Do you find the need of calling your plumber very often recently? This may be caused by the hard water itself. Hardness damages all the home appliances, and you will also find a layer of calcium buildup formed too.
  • Hard water does not go well with the glassware. This causes the glass to break easily. Place the glass in the dishwasher with 1/2 cup vinegar, and run the cleaning cycle. Avoid all kinds of powdered soap for the cleaning since they are abrasive. You can even soak the glass in water and vinegar solution.
  • Water bill rises to a different level. When the water does not easily clog up with the soap, you will end up using more water. This increases the water usage, thus leading to a high water bill.

So, these are the points which you can check out, for knowing if the water in your area is hard or not.


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If you got yes on any of the above statements, then it just means – you have to get a water softener asap! The delaying can worsen the condition, so find the Best Water Softener which suits well with your home and budget.

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