Health Benefits of Nachos Which We All Want To Know

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Food is an important part of our life as it provides us nutrients and helps us grow. Our preference of food has kept changing as societies developed.

One such dish is Nachos. It is a Mexican dish consisting of tortilla chips and fresh veggies or meat. The dressing choices such a cheese, salsa, mayonnaise, etc. are available to compliment it.

Nachos for your Health

Many dedicated restaurants have come up which excel at serving this dish. People eat it for a quick snack or even for lunch and dinner.

Now that the significance of this dish is clear, we can ask the real questions;
Are nachos a healthy meal?
What are the health benefits of nachos?
Do we eat Nutrients in Nachos?
What is healthier with nachos, vegetables or meat?
Which type of tortilla are healthy for nachos?

Here is a list of health benefits of nachos, aiming to answer the above questions:

1. The basic ingredients:

Deep fried food can be harmful for health. Likewise, the main ingredient of nachos, tortilla chips are generally deep fried. Moreover, they are made up of only all-purpose flour. These can be unhealthy for consumption. What are the ingredients of healthy nachos?

The option of choosing baked multigrain tortilla chips or dried vegetable chips is a healthy and tastier option. You will benefit from the complex protein you get from multigrain, as opposed to plain rice or all-purpose flour.

2. Choice of vegetable or meat:

Raw or mildly toasted vegetables and meat are perfect for a full meal. This a benefit of eating nachos. Most recipes feature variety of choice between vegetables, beans and meat. Avocados, chickpeas, red kidney beans, ground beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, beets, chicken, etc. all are a good option with nachos.

3. Types of cheese:

A 100 grams of cheddar cheese contain 25 grams of protein. This may lower down after cooking process but it is healthy and tasty. Likewise, other options of using parmesan, mozzarella, American cheese, blue cheese, cottage cheese, etc. are also healthy. It can be easily said that cheese and meat add a protein punch to nachos. Hence it is good candidate for your breakfast.

4. Various types of dips:

Most people love to eat tortilla chips with a dip. Some people’s favorites are:
– Guacamole.
– Spinach and Cheese dip.
– Spinach-Ricotta Dip.

These dips can vary in flavor according to the choice of people. Nachos dips are extremely flexible. You can try to invent a dip of your liking. This aspect is healthy as you can avoid factory made options which are full of preservatives.

5. Type of meat:

The meat is the main source of protein for millions of people. Nachos is a flexible dish with possibilities of using chicken, ground beef, bacons, etc. Virtually any type of meat can work with nachos. Even omelets are used as a topping for nachos.

These options are better than other snack food like a beef burger. Some eating places also serve gluten-free or vegan options for nachos. This puts nachos in category of superfoods. The raw ingredients offer low cholesterol meal, good for young kids and adults alike.