Descending the stairs into the lower recesses of LIMA, following the clean lines that unify it¹s graceful interior, guests will enter the lounge.

As one draws closer to this subterranean sanctuary, the senses are awakened first by the stirring sound of cascading water beneath the stairs, which gradually makes way for the low hum of pulsing bass and infectious rhythms.

LIMA Restaurant Lounge

When the lounge begins to come into view, the eye is drawn immediately to the ambient light emanating from the large translucent murals that line the walls, subtly punctuating the room with vivid color. Then the centerpiece, the elevated DJ booth that hovers partly over the dance floor and above the reservoir of falling water adjacent to the stairs. Housed in aged barn wood that connects floor to ceiling with a floating catwalk as the only means of access, it is unlike any DJ booth in the city. This raised platform will highlight both local and international DJ talent, who enjoy the intimacy and connection of a small gathering — a treat for the superstar DJ and the elite crowd alike.lima restaurant Lounge

Upon entry, the custom resin bartop, that illuminates the wood and metal surfaces that surround, beckons guests to come in for a closer look. Plush leather seating on a riser opposite the bar invites visitors to pop a bottle and stay awhile. At LIMA, bottle service and customer service will be synonymous.

Serene by day and electric by night, this lounge is not the stereotypical setting that one might expect. A confluence of color, texture, light and form, it is a place as welcoming as one could find outside the comforts of their own living space. It also packs a few unexpected surprises that have to be experienced to truly be appreciated.


Lounge Menu

    Pair it with a glass of Cava – $20
    On their shell w/lime-cilantro mignonette.
    Fish flash marinated w/lime, hot chilies, onion & cilantro.
    Mixed seafood flash marinated w/lime, hot chilies, onion & cilantro.
    An arrange of diced fishes tossed w/tomato, olives, lemon & Caper-berries.
    Hawaiian tuna mixed w/ginger, green onion, sesame seed, white soy sauce & lemon.
    Grilled squid tossed w/spicy red pepper puree, lime, green onion & cilantro.
    Slices of Sashimi grade white fish dressed w/Lime, hot chilies, cilantro & olive oil.
    Supplement $2
    Hawaiian tuna slices w/white soy sauce Lemon-infused oil & tobico wasabi.
    Supplement $2
    Sweet giant red Tasmanian crab & avocado salad w/black pepper, lemon & olive oil.

Heightening the senses, the lounge will serve guests equal doses of entertainment, refinement, and imagination. It is a contemporary model of mood enhancement that appeals to the mature connoisseur of nightlife.

There is even a separate street-level entrance for light night rendezvous.