Healthy Food Diet for Tennis Players in 2019

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Tennis is a high-intensity game that involves two players, and they have to hit the tennis ball and pass them to the other side of the net. The ball shouldn’t touch the ground or the net. I am pretty sure, you won’t find such layman definition anywhere. Now, I suppose you already know the game or someone who is not into the game but curious to know the diet plan of the tennis players.


The Perfect Eating Plan for the Tennis Players

If you have closely watched the tennis game, you will be shocked to see the extent to which the players stretch their body, and it’s a bit familiar with the aerobic style. This means, to be a successful tennis player, you not only require the skills but also good health with high aerobic energy system and the capacity to tackle it.

Therefore, along with the tough training – the tennis players do maintain a high protein-rich diet.

To explain the standard eating diet of the tennis players, we shall divide it into three parts: Before Match, During the Match, and finally the Post Match.


Before Match Food for Tennis PlayersGame timing is usually unpredictable. Also, according to pingpongguide having a meal and taking light snacks before 3-4 hours of the match is a good option. The food should be high on carbs, and something that can keep the body hydrated too.

  • Sandwich wrap with ham or salad
  • Pasta with minced beef, tossed in tomato sauce
  • Cheese and avocado muffins
  • Bircher porridge along with fruits
  • Chicken noodle soup with bread rolls

The food should be high in carbs, and less on fat/fiber so that it’s light on the stomach and easy to digest.


During Match Food for Tennis PlayersAgain carbs will be good during the intense and tiring game. The hot surrounding and perspiration can drain out the water inside you. Fuel your body with cold water, and take as much healthy fluids as you wish to.

  • Take individual bottles to know the water intake
  • Cool towel press around the neck and on face
  • Add ice cubes to the bottles, to keep the water cool

The main focus here is to stay hydrated.


After Match Food For Tennis PlayersThis is the time when your body needs to be refueled for the next game. Keep the food high on carbs, proteins, fluids, and electrolytes to compensate well with the water loss.

  • Flavoured Milk with Trail Mix
  • Pasta with bolognese sauce
  • Wrap with chicken, veggies, cheese, avocado
  • Homemade Pita Pizzas

A word of advice for the aspiring tennis athletes: Be prepared for the consequences. It’s good to have carb-rich food packed with you at all times. You don’t have to worry about missing meals any time. Do you have any interesting food or diet tips to share with us? Write to us in the comments, and let us your thoughts.