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Working in tandem, architects Ali Honarkar and Mustafa Ali Nouri of DIVISION ONE ARCHITECTS and artist/graphic designer Paul Miller envisioned LIMA as a place where guests would immediately be put at ease. It may be considered unusual for an architect to consult an artist when building a structure, but the chemistry between the two proved invaluable. “It was a real collaboration with architects and artist working off one another¹s inspiration,” said Honarkar.

Openness creates the feeling of connection and excitement, but the feeling of personal space and privacy is equally important and also needs to be addressed in the design. Organic contours and aesthetic appointments throughout help to cultivate this feeling of comfort and being “connected.” A transparent staircase and connecting wall, which visually appears to be floating on air, unifies the three level structure into a powerful “linear welcome.”

“A guest should get the sense that there are other things going on in the space, which creates that kinetic vibe and energy. One is subliminally aware of activity on other floors, yet it does not interfere with their own experience,” said co-owner Masoud A. “This is not unique to Lima, but is an attribute that only a handful of restaurants can successfully pull off.”

In the final analysis, it is what the space conveys to the customer that is truly important. Every effort in the construction of LIMA has been made to ensure each guest will walk away feeling positive and enlightened.