Do Canned Foods Ever Expire?

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and you are lying down on your couch doing nothing. That’s when you get reminded about the juice can you didn’t check for more than a month now. Bam! The can is 2 months old as per the last-date printed on the can. So, what should you do? Are all these printed dates true or reliable? Let’s find out.

Do Canned Foods Expire

What Is the Shelf Life of a Canned Food Item?

You may find the sell-by dates and the use-by dates on most of the branded food items. But the fact is, all these dates are handled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) except for the infant products.

Well, for your information stores can sell products which are weeks or even months past the date.

What’s the point of having these dates and numbers?

The team working at the TODAY Food got in touch with the Canned Food Alliance (CFA), and they did share a few insights online.

One of the spokespersons at the CFA shared the basic guide they follow for the expiration dates. They told, canned foods kept at a stable temperature, can stay for almost 2 years as it’s in the processed. Also, the foods retain the safety and nutritional value for 2 years, however, there will be a change in the color and the texture of the food.

Does this mean you should eat almost anything that comes in the canned form?

Of course not!

Putting more light on the shelf-life of the canned food, Ron Giles – Quality Assurance Director of Goya Foods, Inc says “canned food industry prefer going with the best before method, instead of the expiration dates. This is because we can never say that canned food is good this day and bad the other day. It relies on the vacuum inside, which keeps the food fresh. It’s the absence of oxygen that retains the quality of the food.”

There’s nothing to worry if you consume any canned food that is past by ‘best before’ time and stored in a good condition.